2018 season

The Corvette Motorboat Association is steadily growing in numbers – now approaching 90.  Please see the section “Welcome Corvetteers” for details of the Association and how to join, which is free.

We hope you are enjoying this 2018 season of unusually settled weather.


Please note the prior entries here have been moved to the Archive page so are still available to read if of interest.



Welcome Corvetteers


The Corvette motorboat attracts an especially loyal following of enthusiastic owners and an informal owners group was first started in 2004 but effectively ceased to operate from 2010.

The group was revived in 2014. Through boating journals, the YBW Motorboat forum, this Corvette Motorboat Association website and other contacts, now more Corvette enthusiasts are joining the group and now to date (Sep 2018) the registered membership totals over 80 with Corvette models ranging from the mid 1970s to 2010.  (The chart below shows 32/320 owners only – but we have one additional 340 member with a 2010 boat)

CMA member boats by year

Those who either have had Corvette experience in the past, or are looking to own a Corvette in the future, are also welcome to join as Associate Members. The group was formally named in Jan 2016, as the “Corvette Motorboat Association” and this new website was created.

The website contains detailed history & design details of the Corvette, a comprehensive gallery of photos and drawings, information on suppliers and maintenance, plus a section dedicated to upgrades, hints & tips.

Members also regularly exchange information, knowledge and experience by direct contact through the membership list, which is circulated privately amongst registered members.

Owners meet socially via organised lunches & dinners at various venues as well as on informal rallies to various destinations. Whereas most member boats are UK Solent-based, others who are active here in the UK are in Plymouth, Torquay, Christchurch, Poole, Swansea, Guernsey, Jersey, Thames, Eastbourne, Gillingham, Ipswich, Burnham, N. Ireland, Northumberland and Scotland.   We also have a number of  members based in Ireland, France, Denmark, Norway,  Finland, Canada and Malaysia.  The current membership distribution by berth location is shown for interest in the chart below.

CMA members by location


Details of how to join the Corvette Motorboat Association can be found in another section of this website, under “About, contact & how to join us”.

This is your website about your boats, so please tell us what you would like to see on here and we will try to accommodate it. Original photos are always welcome along with stories and logs of your voyages, maintenance, problems, upgrades, equipment, etc.